Martin Backhausen


Martin Backhausen is a skilled musician, songwriter, and music producer who can play musical instruments by ear in addition to being able to read music. He also has the capacity to make his own music. He began his professional career as a musician by serving on the youth praise team of his local church, as is the case with many other successful music producers. His talent to play the guitar, piano, and drums made him immediately noticeable to everyone around him.

He and a small group of his closest friends formed a rock band in the 1980s and played copies of songs that were popular at the time. His ability was on full show. The band was asked to perform at a variety of well-known nightclubs and venues all throughout the region on a regular basis. Martin Backhausen's cover band even received invitations to perform as the opening act for top-selling acts that were scheduled to be in the area. As a former member of a rock band from the 1980s, he branched off into punk rock and pop music in the late 1990s. Following his time spent playing bass in a jazz ensemble, Martin moved on to prove his mettle in the R&B and neo-soul music scenes. Backhausen was able to properly hone his abilities as a writer and composer during his time spent at this location.